I’m afraid updates will be more sporadic for a time.


Website Simplification

I changed things around on the site to make it more accessible to… well, myself. And anyone else who has vision issues, of course. Sometimes you have to sacrifice design for functionality.

Additional note: I’m going to focus on posting flash fiction (stories under 500 words) on this site, and submit longer pieces for publication.


I have a psychological body horror comic script and am looking for someone to contribute to its creation.

Art style: simplistic characters and backgrounds with heightened detail on gore. Black and white.

Length: roughly 20 pages

Payment: negotiable

I’d prefer an artist near Toronto, but am open to other talent.

If interested, send me an email for more information at

– Lara Traficante

Update Schedule

Hey everyone! I’m going to implement a bi-weekly flash fic update schedule. New fic posted here on Mondays and Fridays. There may be news and excerpts from longer pieces throughout the week, as well.

I’ve been reading webcomics since middle school and find that I’m way more likely to keep up with a comic if I know when to expect updates. I decided to apply that logic to my own work.

Thanks for everyone who’s been checking out the site so far! You rock.

– Lara Traficante


Hi everyone,

This is going to be the hub of my body of work. I’ll post flash fiction, updates on my current projects, news, and the like.

Thanks to everyone checking this out! Can’t wait to share my writing with you.

– Lara Traficante