The Unsteady Hands of Time

They watch their phone as the seconds speed by… Then the minutes, then hours. At first the shift is subtle: seconds go by at twice their speed.

“I just woke up and it’s already noon!”

People always say such things, so no one takes it seriously. But as people begin saying it with increasing urgency, the trend becomes noticeable.

By the time people catch on, hours pass in minutes. The sun speeds across the sky like a comet. People age at the same rate — bodies seem to know the change is unnatural — but as seasons begin too soon, people lose track of the year. Eventually, people give up altogether. As the first generation passes, the next grows with only stories of day and night.

After five generations, time begins to slow. Another two, and it returns to the state we know: 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 900 seconds in a minute.

…Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Maybe it never was the same again.


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