Bird Song

(TW: Blood, murder)

Trixie was a small budgie with green plumage. Her cage hung in a kitchen like any other… except for the thick black paint covering every window.

It had been a day since she had seen her human. Trixie was used to her irregularity. She would come eventually.

The door opened at the front of the house. She was here! Trixie chirped happily as she approached.

Her human was tall, with long hair, and dull gray eyes. She smiled when she saw Trixie. “Had a busy night? Looks like you ate all your seed. I got a treat, too.” She wandered out of view, and Trixie heard a sawing sound.

When her human returned she was covered in blood. Before, there had been a smattering; now she was drenched. She knew she should sleep, but felt energized. She hummed as she moved around the apartment.

Trixie was glad to see her in such a good mood. She joined in song.


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