Illumination (Part 1/2)

Kendle spent her days as many do, being infuriated by the internet. More than infuriated, she was terrified by much of it. Hours on end, scrolling through its darker corners, learning as much as she could about the topic that was increasingly her sole focus: the Illuminati.

She ran a fair sized Illuminati exposure site. It had 1000 members, which was about 999 more than she expected. The surprising traffic had a downside. Someone had been sending her texts: a countdown. It began at 30 and had been decreasing ever since. The phone number couldn’t be blocked or traced.

Her friends refused to lend her money for a bodyguard, fearing she was neglecting her anxiety medication. They wouldn’t look at the texts or her dwindling bottle of pills. She was on her own.

Kendle was five feet tall with spiked black hair that added almost a foot to her height. She wore thick leather clothing, and kept a permanent scowl in place. She dreamed of being like a sanguine poisonous frog. If she pretended to have poison, perhaps she would be safe.

A text arrived. The countdown was complete.

They arrived in a white, unmarked van. Many monsters do.

They came in a pack. Many hunters do.

They came wearing royal purple. That was unexpected.

The chemicals in her mind screamed ‘fight or flight’. She chose ‘fight.’
She sat in the dark, a spiderweb on her face. She did her best to ignore its soft, thin, touch. She heard a sound. A gentle thud, followed by a louder one.
“This is Captain Fry. We have a man down.” came a high voice from the direction of the door.

That must have been the bowling ball Kendle had attached to a motion detector.
“The target set traps,” Fry said into her earpiece. “Proceed with caution.”
Kendle listened for movement. Footsteps halted, each waiting for the other to breathe.

Another trap went off somewhere in the house. Kendle felt her heart drop. She had never killed before. She reminded herself it was self-defense. It was self-defense. It was self-defense…

The bowling ball smashed through the cabinet Kendle hid in. Before she could scream, Fry pulled her out and dragged her towards the door.

They passed four dead bodies, all felled by traps. She thrashed against her captor, kicking several bodies in the process. Fry vowed to make her pay for that later.

(To be concluded: Monday, July 3rd.)


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