The Tree

In Kanda’s garden is a tree which blossoms like no one has seen. She invites Peni to see it; a gleam in her eyes. His own show wonder.

“What’s it make you think of?” she asks.

“The sunrise!” He practically laughs as he speaks. “Remember prom? We ducked out early and watched it from the hood of your car.”

“I remember.”

“What about you?”

Kanda’s eyes glaze in memory. “Chocolate chip ice cream from Molly’s.”

“But, that was white and brown… These are orange and gold.” Confusion crosses his face.

“The flowers look different to everyone… But they always invoke something beautiful.”


“I don’t know,” she says. “It was here when I moved in.”

Peni watches the petals dance in the sun. The memory they brings is so clear that he can almost taste beer on his tongue. “How do you ever leave the garden, with something this beautiful calling you?”

“By hearing other colours call just as loudly.”


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