The Human Weapon

(TW: Emotional Abuse)

Vega sits in his ostentatious home on a throne of ivory and velvet. “Why did you fail me?”

“Her body guards had machine guns.” Arista bows her head.

“That’s a pathetic excuse! The only thing keeping you alive is my charity. Do your job, or I may feel less giving.” Threats flow from him like bile.

When Vega found Arista, she was young and inhumanly strong. Intimidation keeps her under his thumb. But in that moment, something within her awakens. Using her strength, she smashes the ivory an inch above his head.

“How dare you? I’ll have you torn apart!”

She almost smirks. “You can’t hang your only executioner.”

Vega falls silent, for the first time in memory.

Standing above him, she still feels fear. Would killing him help? Or would his shadow remain? She just wants to run away and never look back. So she does, leaving him to sit on a broken throne.


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