Endless Ascent

Lloyd’s feet were lead as he scaled the mountain. He wasn’t sure how long he had been doing this. Too damn long.

“Keep going. Keep climbing. You’re almost there,” Lloyd intoned. “He’s out there.”

Lloyd crested the final peak, tears streaming down his face. His breath caught in his throat as he saw what lay before him: further peaks, stretching to eternity.

He couldn’t see anyone around. There were no paths; no trace of life beyond himself. What could he do now? It had all seemed so clear at the foot of the first ascent.

Everyone had told him that the man he searched for was at the top. All he had to do was get to there.

The mountains created a sea of white and gray, like the hair on Lloyd’s head. The rough stone matched his callouses. The emptiness…

Lloyd felt a pang in his jaw and realized he had been clenching it again. He forced himself to release the pressure and planned his next move.

Lloyd would climb the next mountain. He would just keep climbing. Forever, if he had to. He couldn’t stop searching, even if it meant an afterlife of endless snow and rock.


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