Twin Hearts

Julio and Julia had simultaneous births and deaths. They wed the same day and divorced the same moment.

They met online, in what was perhaps luck, and quickly caught on to these coincidences. They debated the source frequently, but found no answers.

The phenomenon was comforting. Neither feared loneliness. They had a double, a mirror, who was always with them. Physically separate, but spiritually joined.

“If we touch, will we vanish?” Julia asked.

“I don’t want to find out,” Julio said.

Somewhere in the decades hence, they discovered who and what they were. They told no one.

On their death beds, after saying goodbye to their families, they began a video call.

“See you tomorrow, ” Julia said.

Julio smiled softly. “I wonder who we’ll be next time.”

They reached for their screens, their hearts stopping in final harmony.


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